Beale Street Music Festival 2021 Survival Guide

Next year Beale Street Music Festival will be held on Apr 30, 2021, till May 2, 2021, at Tom Lee Park at the foot of Beale Street. This 3-day Memphis song pageant has a combination of headline acts performing aspect-via-aspect with nearby traveling bands. Beale Street Music Festival is the kick-off occasion for the month-lengthy Memphis in May party. In the past decade, over 1.1 million humans from all 50 states and a dozen foreign international locations have attended the tune pageant.

Here is a Beale Street Music Festival Survival Guide:

1. Buy tickets straight from Verified Vendor.

There are some real-life horror memories approximately those who purchase faux or illegally copied tickets from a scalper. To avoid this possibility, get Beale Street Music Festival 2021 tickets from Tickets4festivals.

2. Will Call tickets can be picked up at the North stop of Tom Lee Park.

For the directionally-challenged, the North Gate is the only closest to Mud Island. If you’re the use of Will Call, don’t forget about to convey a picture ID.

3. Driving to BSMF? Park at Martyr’s Park.

Martyr’s Park is a hidden gem of downtown Memphis located handiest a five-minute walk from Beale Street Music Festival South entrance, and you could take advantage of the free public parking zone. During weekends while there’s not a massive event downtown, Martyr’s Park is the flawlessly serene and shaded picnic spot you’ve been pining for so that you have to add it in your rotation of outdoor hangout spots.

4. Biking to BSMF? Know your rack websites.

We applaud you for getting a few exercises at the same time as you decrease your carbon footprint, however, you should be conscious that your motorcycle isn’t allowed in the park. It needs to be parked and locked outside the pageant gates. You can use one of the many bike racks downtown or the precise bike car parking zone on Riverside Drive at Union Avenue.

5. Drinking at BSMF? Here’s various you have to know: (901) 577-7777.

Uber and Lyft prices will peak in festival hours, and wait times will grow. If the expected fare is more than you need to shell out, take a Yellow Cab. Luckily, the organization’s telephone number is simple to keep in mind, irrespective of how a great deal you imbibe: press 5, then hit 7 until they arrive to gather yours under the influence of alcohol self! After all, their motto is, “You drink. We pressure.”

6. Lock it up.

Entertainment Lockers are $15 per day or $40 for all 3 days. If you reserve a three-day locker, you may go away objects in it OVERNIGHT. So cool. PLUS, you may fee your telephone on the locker station. These may also sell out, so make sure to order one right here!

7. Find shelter in the Blues Tent.

For the maximum exciting type of records lesson, test out the first-rate (and often underrated) talent the Blues Tent attracts. Pop in for a break from the principle stages, and take benefit of the chairs. Don’t be surprised if you discover some new favored artists even as you’re there. Memphis is called the Home of the Blues for a cause.

8. Measure your backpack.

It’s gotta be 12” x 12” or smaller to wear into the festival. Otherwise, you’re left on the gate finding out whether to toss it or trek again to your car to stash it.

9. Bring a blanket.

Blankets are genuinely allowed, and we advise packing one which’s water-resistant so that you can take a seat on if there’s rain in the forecast. Keep your phone in a plastic Ziploc bag. You’ll thank us later.

10. Stay hydrated.

Sounds apparent, but you’d be amazed how smooth it’s miles to get parched when you’re stuck up in all of the exhilaration. According to competition regulations, you may carry an unopened 20 oz. Bottle of water or a Camelback with you to the park. You may also need to buy more bottled water, later on, however, this tip assist you to shop a few bucks in your beverage finances.

11. Eleven. Stay smooth-ish.

Keep a travel p.C. Of baby wipes with you. Hopefully, you received’t want them, but the combination of sweat + mud is a terrible one. It’s high-quality to be organized.

12. Sunscreen! All Day, every day.

We’ve gone over rain practice strategies but put together for sun, too. If you risk a sunburn during the Friday suggests, you’re gonna harm throughout the relaxation of the weekend. Check yourself earlier than you wreck yourself.

13. Never put on turn-flops. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Consider the longstanding way of life of dust on this occasion: while not guaranteed, it is constantly viable. But don’t go barefoot either due to the fact you may now not be allowed past the gates without shoes. We advise some strong, water-resistant shoes. Galoshes are our pass-to.

14. Consider your headwear.

Leave the flower crown at home, unless you want to seem like a 14-yr-old who were given misplaced at Coachella. Memphis just ain’t California, y’all.

15. Selfie sticks stay home.

Sorry parents, but you ought to keep the following items at home: selfie sticks, drones, beverages (apart from the aforementioned 20 oz. Unopened water bottle for this event), cameras, cans, boxes, coolers, food, glass bottles, laser guidelines, lawn chairs, outsized umbrellas, pets, recording system, rollerblades, curler skates, water guns, strollers, thrown items (baseballs, footballs, frisbees, and so on.) and guns (inclusive of pocket knives). These objects are NOT ALLOWED at Tom Lee Park at any time, however especially at some stage in Beale Street Music Festival when there are such a lot of people packed in together.

16. Don’t give in to mediocre food alternatives.

Unless it’s truly what your coronary heart dreams, don’t experience like you’re restricted to the carnival-ish meals presented in the bounds of the park. You are allowed to leave the pageant and re-input as soon as in keeping with day, which you could use to stroll down Main Street for mid-afternoon sustenance. It’s by no means a bad idea to take damage from a competition crowd, neither is it a horrific idea to strive for a brand new downtown restaurant (or, of direction, an antique standby).

We hope this information will help put together you for a hella fun time!

For greater occasion details, and something we missed, take a look at out the BSMF21 FAQ page.

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